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Purity Title wants to be your first and only choice for title insurance and settlement services. Our team of professionals is waiting to help make your next real estate transaction the best one. We focus on providing the best and most secure service in our markets.  We know you will appreciate the difference.


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Title Insurance

If you are acquiring financing for your new home or refinancing an existing mortgage, in all likelihood, your lender will require that you purchase title insurance on their behalf.  You should know that a lender's policy does not cover your interests!

An owner's policy of title insurance could be your only defense against losing your greatest investment, your home!  We do the research necessary to insure that the title to your property is clean and clear of prior liens and interests.  An owner's policy lasts for as long as you own the property, and can even be passed to your heirs, all for one premium payment paid at settlement.

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Settlement Services

Purity Title provides expert settlement services to both attorneys and consumers.  Whether you need a full settlement prepared and disbursed, or if you just need some support to allow your law firm to conduct the settlement, we're there for you.

We know what it takes to get your deal to the table and ready to close.  We work with buyers, sellers, attorneys, lenders, real estate agents and all other parties to gather the information needed to prepare the settlement, collect and disburse funds and record the transactional documents in the proper venues.

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Best Practices Compliance and Information Security

We formed our standard procedures to be compliant with the Best Practices provided by the American Land Title Association.  We employ leading edge technology to protect your data at rest and in transit and we train our employees to protect against human error.  At Purity Title you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to protect your personal information, your transaction and your settlement funds.

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